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Sunday, February 8, 2009

WOW! Namelia.J is SOO COOL!

- Haida, 10 & Safra, 13

NAMELIA-J SAYS: Thank you so much for your excellent artwork! We love that you're so into our site.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I was requested to share my opinion on anything by this dear friend of mine and it took me so long to think of what I can share with all of you but I got dumped lately so I guess I’ll just share my experience with you guys though it may seem real stupid and pitiful. (Please note that I’m not a person who wants pity and I don’t expect any of you to want to be in my shoes.) At the same time, I would like to pour out my feelings so that I can continue my life without being so depressed for I know that many girls share the same fate as I.

I guess every girl in her life time will get dumped but no matter how cliché it may sound, I thought that my love life would be like a fairytale and that my relationship wouldn’t turn pale so fast... I held on to my relationship for I guess about 8 months. How long is that? Maybe it’s like real quick for some of you but I think most of the teens these days will find it quite long and let me tell you, quite unbelievable but this was actually the first relationship I ever had. I mean for a serious relationship with a person of my opposite sex. Mind you, I’m not abnormal or a nerd freak. My parents banned me from having relationships when I was in high school so even if there were people chasing or showing interest in me I had to turn them off politely. I had previous relationships but it didn’t prevail and it was obviously just like being normal friends.

I actually dumped a lot of effort into this relationship of mine but I guess nothing came out of it... When my ex-boyfriend and I were on the verge of breaking up... of course you would have felt it coming like 2 weeks before that something isn’t right.

I tried to hang on to my relationship for as long as I could but to no avail. Guys are sometimes so heartless (not all lahz, I know that there are a lot of angels out there), ya know…

When you first couple with them they sprinkle all the sweet and awesome words on you and shower you with great care and sometimes get protective and in awhile, “POOF!” after playing you for a certain time (depending on every guy’s level of tolerance and patience) they dump you. I mean we girls are not toys or Barbie dolls that you can play with, ya know.

We have DIGNITY.

That’s right! DIGNITY.

No matter what, I still believe in this old saying that there are still good guys with good hearts out there. Though they may be at the verge of extinction... I think.

Anyway, let me tell you girl’s ONE thing – getting dumped doesn’t mean you’re dumb... You’re just becoming an eligible bachelorette again! Take it easy and enjoy life... Of course I don’t expect you to laugh and smile at your boyfriend when he reveals this sad and pathetic news to you. He’d probably thank god right at that instant that he decided to end his ties with you.

Just remember 1 thing – it’s OKAY to cry. It’s totally normal and humane.

Just CRY and smack him for 1 last time if you want.

Trust me, you will feel a heck of a lot better. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do it because my ex broke off with me through the phone. (Yeah, I know... he is soooooo not the gentleman)

I cried for like a total of 3 days and acted as if it was the end of the world. Can’t blame me what, my first time, wei. Totally bo (meaning, “no” in Chinese) experience.

Some more, it’s the first time getting hurt so badly… like a knife piercing through my tender and gentle heart. Wait, that’s not how I’m suppose to describe it. Sounds awfully wrong... It should be “DELICATE” heart.


So much better but, hey, I recovered from it. Now, I’m feeling much better but I still do think of him sometimes. Can’t be helped, 8 months of companionship and all of a sudden breaking up is something really intolerable for me. I suddenly felt so lonely, and my confidence level was like close to zero...

Fortunately, after 3 days of breaking up, two new guys asked for my number at the place I was working at. I didn’t give it to them because I literally don’t know them and they were complete strangers but still! It was a great boost of confidence. It did me more good than harm.

So to all the good guys of the world, thank you for appreciating all females alike... I really respect men who don’t take women lightly and treat the love of their life like a princess.

C’mon, it doesn’t hurt to pamper your better half and say I love you to them once a day. It seriously melts their hearts when you say that… (but do it sincerely... You don’t wanna screw your relationship) and please don’t use this piece of advise intentionally to screw your relationship. Be more of a man and do the right thing. Confront her personally and say it gently.

Finally, being single again has definitely brought some changes in my life. Besides being more mature and less naive, I know that one gets bored easily disregarding gender. So, it important to give and take and don’t take things too seriously as it may not go your way or how you expect it to go. I have realized that there are many guys out there who are not only gorgeous on the outside but also in the inside. When you get him, grab hold of him and appreciate him as you want him to appreciate you. You will never know when he is the ONE.

[NOTE: There are absolutely no obligations for anyone to sympathize with me. I just wanna do my dear friend a favor and have a place to pour out my feelings. That’s all... =)]

- Audrey Ho, 18, Malaysia.

NAMELIA-J SAYS: Aww! Thanks, Audrey, for being sincere enough to share your story with us! We understand how hard it is and how badly it must hurt to break up with someone you have such feeling with; and we applaud how strongly you've dealt with it. A truly admirable feat, indeed!